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Terms of Service
We express our sincere thanks and gratitude for using our services through www.bharatdigimart.com.

By using our services, you are agreeing to the terms of the service specified  as below. These terms may alter or upgrade periodically based on the applicable statutory and requlatory or change of service requirements.
If you do not agree with this agreement, you are free to terminate your use of our website.

Requseted to please read the terms and conditions carefully. As terms and conditions differ with respect to service type and scope, additional terms may be applicable. You can contact any time with www.bharathdigimart.com admin for  clarifications if required.

The use of the site and its services are governed by the following ‘terms of use’ agreement, in reference to the ‘user’ who shall mean any legal person who has agreed to the terms and conditions of the website. When you visit our website, use our services or interact with the website, you will be subject to the policies, guidelines, terms and conditions applicable to such service. We may change or modify the segments of these terms time to time. The revised agreement will be effective immediately after it is posted on the website. Your responsibility it is to be updated with our terms and conditions periodically. Any user’s persistent usage of the website and its services will mean that he/she accept to the changes (if any)

1.     WEBSITE
Usage: www.bharatdigimart.com is a trusted platform connecting the product/service makers/prociders and the users. The site provides a way for interested parties (users) to negotiate and interact with other users. A single user may act as a supplier as well as a consumer according to one’s respective requirements or specifications. www.bharatdigimart.om does not intervene any interactions between the users of the website, rather just a bridge between the users.
The user is expected not to use the website for any illegal purposes. If found any, shall be prosecuted lawfully. www.bharatdigimart.com is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this website by anyone. The user either visiting the website or using our services will
1)      Abide by all the applicable laws and regulations in your use of the website
2)      Not interfere with the use of the website by other users.
3)      Not disrupt, harass or abuse other users of the website.
4)      Not resell the material on the website, unless agreed.
5)      Not engage in unsolicited communication.

  • Bharatdimart.com is the whole and sole owner of the whole or any part of the website contents of the websites provided to our customers.
  • Domaining, hosting, design and development of websites of our valued  customers are a part of our services provided to them only,   
  • baratdigimart.com is the legal, authorized and content owner for all those or part thereof of such websites or web services

Content: Any interested user may make products available on our website. The interactions between the users shall be respectful and mustn’t be in an abusing manner in any way. In addition, website also offers information and marketing materials, if required as applicable. www.bharatdigimart.com does not always create information offered on this website, instead the information is also gathered from other extended sources. Several third party links may be included, which provided solely for the convenience of the user. Bharatdigimart.com does not endorse the contents on any such third party sites. It is at your own risk that you link to third party websites, bharatdigimart.com is not responsible for any damage that may result from your access to third party websites.

Posting: By publishing, storing, or transmitting any content on our website, you hereby grant bharatdigimart.com the perpetual right and license to use, copy and display such content in any form, in all media now known or hereafter created, anywhere in the world. Bharatdigimart.com does not have the ability to control the nature of the user-generated content offered through the site. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users and any content you post on the website. We are not responsible for any harm or damage caused by any post or interactions among the registered users. You, as a legal user shall not post any content which violates laws or which harness honour of co-user. If found any, bharatdigimart.com doesn’t hesitate to remove such content with prior notice.

License: By using bharatdigimart.com, you are permitted a limited right to use the content and materials on the website. You may not copy or reproduce or create derivative works of such contents without written authorization from bharatdigimart.com.

bharatdigimart.com plays role of match-making platform between one’s who have requirements for products and one’s who can serve such requirements. By placing your requirements and related products or materials on our website, you agree to the terms set forth in this agreement.

We provide the following services to the customers:
1)  Supplier: Any user may take on the role of supplier just by placing the materials he make to a broad range of users.
2)  Consumer: A user shall search for matching materials or products according to his/her requirements wherein there may be several other suppliers out there to sell their commodities to the right user.
3)  Verified User: Users are said to be verified if any of their provided details are verified by bharadigimart.com. The user might be a supplier or a consumer.
4)   Interactions: The users may negotiate or interact with other users of the website.
5)  Search by Sector, Region and State: Customised search for the users which eases their job of finding their required material.

User’s abiding by the agreement and other rules and regulations imposed from time to time shall be eligible to use our website. Bharatdigimart.com shall have no liability to any of the eligible users for any content or information on our site. Any fraudulent, untrue, inaccurate, offensive or illicit content and damage to any user from such content is solely one’s concern and isn’t the website’s responsibility. Such user’s if found any may not be suspended by bharatdigimart.com. bharatdigimart.com reserves the right to refuse the site’s services at any time if you aren’t abiding to the site’s terms and conditions agreement. Any user under the age of 18 years is not recommended to be a part of the website users. And if any, are considered to be using our website under parental guidance.

This agreement is applicable to all the legal user’s visiting, accessing bharatdigimart.com or using our services. The use of this website by users is solely for commercial purposes and not for any of the personal deeds. Any additional terms and conditions applicable to the services offered shall prevail over this agreement.

Bharatdigimart.com is the lawful licensee and the licit owner of all the rights to the website, services offered and its contents. Any registered user may post contents on our website but that doesn’t give the user sole controlling right, which resides with bharatdigimart.com. All rights, not otherwise claimed under this agreement are hereby reserved.

TRADEMARK: All the logos and icons of the “Bharatdigimart” are registered trademarks and are protected under applicable property right laws. Any unauthorised reproductions, modification, tampering or publication of these marks are strictly prohibited. If any found accused, are may undergo legal prosecutions.

COPYRIGHT: All website content is copyrighted to bharatdigimart.com. Any links to third party websites and their related content is not part of the ownership of bharatdigimart.com. Users may not use the site’s content for any illegal purposes. Users may not reproduce, duplicate any of the content of the website without written approval from bharatdigimart.com.

Bharatdigimart.com provides a platform for the makers and users to connect with each other. A free interactive session can be initiated by any user with any other user on the website. The privacy of interactions between two users is highly protected. The interactions may be done either through call or by email. Bharatdigimart.com shall reach you through email in case of emergency or while notifying or alerting the user. The information transmitted between users on the website mustn’t be in abusive or harassing manner. The user is solely responsible for such acts.  

Third party links may be included, which are provided solely for the convenience of the user. Bharatdigimart.com does not endorse the contents on any such third party sites. It is at user’s own risk that you link to third party websites, bharatdigimart.com is not responsible for any damage that may result from your access to third party websites. Users acknowledge and agree that bharatdigimart.com has no control over the content offered by such third party websites, and we shall in no manner be liable to the user.

bharatdigimart.com reserves the right to terminate access of services to certain users at any time with or without notice to such users if they are found to be violating our site’s policies. The website ay change or update the terms, policies, and services at any point of time with prior notice to the user. It is the user’s responsibility to stay updated with any changes periodically. Bharatdigimart.com reserves the right to terminate access to services of the site of any user if the user is observed to:
1)      Breach the security of other users of the website.
2)      Violate specified rules and regulations of the website.
3)   Abuse, Harass, cause damage to the dignity of any individual through our website
4)      Post content which is irrelevant to the norms of business trades.

If bharatdigimart.com has terminated any user from availing the services of the website, such user may have no right to re-register or join the website. Users acknowledge that in no way that bharatdigimart.com is liable to any if its users or to third party websites.

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